Teens who are 13 years old and older are encouraged to attend service in the sanctuary. Throughout the Bible, we find God’s encouragement for parents to actively participate in the spiritual growth of their children (Proverbs 22:6, Deuteronomy 6:5-9; Deuteronomy 4:9-10, etc.).  What better way to actively participate in the spiritual growth of your child, than worshiping with them, praying with them, and taking notes with them. After service, you can discuss the highlights or the spiritual nuggets that stood out to you. As a parent, one of your ministries in life is to your children. Please use time in Sunday service as a springboard for your home ministry.

10 – 13 YRS

Elder Jim Thomas teaches a youth class for 10-13 year old children in the bookstore. Your children can worship with you prior to service, then head over to the bookstore for a ministry especially for their age group. Children can access the bookstore to the right of the stage. There always seems to be makings for hot chocolate in the bookstore!


Children ages 3-10 are invited to W.O.W., a program specifically for learning the bible while having a lot of fun! At W.O.W. Calvary Chapel, children will be blessed spending an hour learning the Bible through drama, skits and singing.  Kenny Klundt is the overseer of the ministry.  John Goyer and Kenny wrote the W.O.W. curriculum and have successfully used it for over 20 years.

W.O.W.’s main focus is to:

  • Create a fast pace, fun & exciting, learning experience designed for ages 4-10.
  • Consistently work through the Bible in 5 years presenting the Bible accounts in dramatic presentation.
  • Help the WOWsters apply these Bible truths to their own lives through Object Lessons, Application Skits and Puppet Skits.
  • Worship the Lord through fun and uplifting action songs. I love worshipping the Lord with these kids!

I have done W.O.W. for over 20 years and every week, I still look forward to it! It is the highlight of my week and we try to make it a highlight for all the WOWsters!


Kenny Klundt – W.O.W. Ministry Director

0-3 YRS

If you have children younger than 3, then we have a special place just for them. Head downstairs, turn left, and make your way to our toddler room. We have amazing volunteers to make sure your little one is secure and well taken care of while you worship. And don’t worry, you can take a pager with you. If there is a problem, we can discreetly buzz you during service to let you know!