First, let me say that it is a privilege to extend a most heartfelt welcome to you, your family and friends as you visit here at Calvary Chapel Whitefish.  We are an affiliate of the International Network of Calvary Chapels and in fellowship with Calvary Chapel which originated out of Costa Mesa, California.  Calvary Chapels are non-denominational and connected and committed to serving the Lord by building up and equipping the body of Christ. We are people who have experienced first hand the mercy and forgiveness of God through Jesus. We have seen God dramatically touch lives by giving peace and joy where once confusion and hopelessness reigned.

This may be your first experience with a non-denominational church and we want to provide you with a Biblical base for the expression of our beliefs.  Our primary objective, at Calvary Chapel Whitefish , is two-fold (1)  to “feed the flock of God”, and (2) to “equip the saints for service”.  Therefore, we are dedicated to the expositional teaching of God’s Word and a balanced blend of the Spirit’s power to educate, edify and empower the believer along with conducive worship.  Our desire is that your fellowship with us be a rich and fruitful experience as we come together to worship.

It is our desire to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Therefore, we place a great emphasis on the teaching of God’s Word that we may grow in His Spirit and that we may be equipped to do the work of the ministry.  It is also our desire that your love for Him and for others would grow in an ever increasing measure.

The Bible is our guide, and we have found that it contains everything that is needed for life and godliness.  Our hope is that you will become familiar with it’s contents and to understand that you can be forgiven and live a life with meaning and purpose.

We pray that God’s grace and love through Jesus Christ will be an ever growing experience for you.  May the Lord richly bless you as we worship and learn together.

Pastor David Halan